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Designer Eco Shutters

     Enhance any room with our selection of wonderfully elegant and functional shutters.

Whether applied in a contemporary or period setting, our shutters are impeccably styled and deliver the perfect solution for creating a sense of positive open space.

Elegant and stylish, our Designer Eco/Eco Plus Shutters will add value to a home and they are energy efficient too, helping to keep a house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  Our Shutters offer an uninterrupted view and allow complete control of light, heat, air and privacy by simply tilting the shutter blades.  Designer Eco/Eco Plus shutters have a superior paint finish for longevity and they are easy to care for.  Available in a range of colours, our Designer Eco/Eco Plus Shutters will complement and enhance any interior.  


                                                        Designer Eco/Eco Plus Features 

Made from a PVC extrusion that has the look of real wood.

▪ Comes with the option of a fluffy strip stile which provides increased privacy.

▪ Water Resistant making it an ideal product for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

▪ Durable; they will resist knocks and scratches.  

▪ Termite Proof and Fire Retardant.

▪ A Great Insulator; they help to keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Coated with High Tensile Coatings that will not peel or crack. Blades are available in a choice of two sizes including 63mm and 89mm.

▪ Extensive range of Frame Options.

▪ Available in Wide Panel options 


                                   Mounting Options:  Hinged  - Double Hinged - Fixed - Sliding - Combos - Bi Fold 

                              Standard Colours Available:  Super White - Snow White - Bright White - Classic White - Vanilla 

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                                                    Designer Eco Plus Features

Significantly superior dimensional strength, long term stability and joint rigidity allowing wide panel options. These features are due to high gauge reinforced stiles; advanced reinforced rails; heavy-duty 90mm precision-made hinges and a unique patented bracket system.

▪ Flattering, modern, soft curved top, bottom and mid-rail rebate design allowing 

 Speciality Colours Available:  Infinite White - Snowy Mountains White - Polar White - Quiet White - French White - Ceylon - Snow Gum Grey - Earl Grey 

CW_ForteShutters_ext_image 8.jpg
CW_BayviewShutters_ext_image 1.jpg

                                                                          Aluminium  Shutters


Vueline Aluminium shutters can have fixed or operable blades. Aluminium is designedto be a functional, modern and long lasting.

These Vueline shutters and screens are low maintenance, durable and provide added security making them a great long term investment for residential or commercial property.


  • Elegant design suitable for residential

  • Large range – custom option available

  • Local & imported options

  • Easy to install

  • Powder coated not painted
    10 Year warranty powdercoating as standard


                                                                    Timber Shutters

Basswood has become one of the most widely used materials for shutters in the global market. This is due to its resistance to warping, easy workability, durability, and its acceptance of a variety of finishes. The use of Basswood for musical instruments including guitars and piano soundboards, reinforce its properties as a stable and reliable timber. Basswood (tilia americana) is a member of the hardwood family, with all our Basswood being plantation grown. Basswood shutters are manufactured for indoors only, and are not recommended for wet areas.

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